Gourmania offers a diverse range of foodservice products, including stocks, broths, soups, sauces, egg/dairy products, mashes, ready-to-use proteins, finished dishes and more. Choose cook/chilled, frozen or shelf stable, across a variety of packaging sizes and formats.

Here is a small selection of our range.

Stocks & Broths

Stocks and Broths

All natural seafood, beef, chicken and vegetable stocks and broths. From base stocks to finished broths – produced to a set Brix level, consistency, clarity and flavour profile.

Lobster Classic (Sauce Américaine)

A traditional recipe using quality roasted, lobster bodies. Perfect as a base for soups, bisques, lobster risotto, seafood pasta and other premium lobster-based dishes.

Lobster Stock

A full flavoured natural lobster stock. Ideal for making premium clear soups, consommés and for extending lobster-based dishes.

Fish Stock

All natural, clear and well-balanced stock. Traditionally prepared using white fish frames. Ideal base for soups, veloutés, bouillons and chowders.

Beef Stock

All natural, premium beef stock using Australian beef bones and fresh vegetables. A rich, full-bodied stock that is ideal for soups, braises and further reduction.

Chicken Stock

All natural, premium chicken stock using fresh ingredients. A clear and flavoursome stock suitable for soups, consommés, veloutés, poaching and more.

Vegetable Stock

A versatile, all natural vegetable stock using fresh ingredients and herbs. A clean, healthy and flavoursome stock that’s ideal for soups, braises and vegan/vegetarian recipes.

Sauces & Gravies

Sauces and Gravies

A wide range of base and finished sauces from classic recipes to contemporary options. Our gravies are rich in colour with good consistency and depth of flavour. Most sauces/gravies are heat-in-the-bag and bain-marie stable, making them a quick, simple and cost-effective solution for QSRs, HORECA and remote-site kitchens.

Napoletana Sauce

A classic, full-flavoured sauce using ripe Italian tomatoes and fresh ingredients. Great consistency and colour for pasta dishes.

Garlic Sauce

A flavoursome, Italian-inspired sauce finished with fresh cream. Ideal for pasta dishes and grills.

Mushroom Sauce

A medley of mushroom species gives this product its great aroma, taste and mushroom colour. Perfect with grills, roasts, stews and braises.

Pepper Sauce

An all-time favourite. Classic, French-inspired recipe using green peppercorns. Great application on grills and roasts.

Truffle Sauce

A premium product utilising fresh black truffles from WA. Unique and earthy in taste. A sophisticated accompaniment to grilled meats, game and vegetables.

Demi Glace

A foundation sauce produced from the finest ingredients. Rich in colour with a glossy finish. Suitable as a base for all brown sauce derivatives.


A mother sauce of French origin. Our Bechamel is finished with butter and fresh cream. Versatile in application, it is velvety smooth and bain-marie stable.

Cheese Sauce

A full-flavoured sauce. An ideal topper for Mexican dishes (e.g. Tortillas, Nachos), loaded fries and other grilled or vegetable dishes.



All natural, finished soups with great flavour combinations to choose from. Classic, thick and hearty protein-based recipes through to pureed vegetarian and vegan options.

Lobster Bisque

A premium, all-natural lobster soup using the finest ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Finished with butter and fresh cream, our Bisque is rich in taste, smooth on the palette and vibrant in appearance. Sublime if finished with Cognac.

Seafood Chowder

A classic recipe using our all-natural fish stock as a base with a medley of seafood and fresh vegetables. Finished with fresh cream and herbs. A thick and delicious soup.


A classically Italian, chunky vegetarian soup. A staple on many menus for good reason. Made with ripe tomatoes, fresh vegetables and herbs. Ideal for cafés, restaurants and hotels/institutions.

Carrot & Lentil

A healthy, all natural and high-protein soup. A Vegan-suitable product with medium consistency.

Sweet Potato & Ginger

A contemporary flavour combination. The ginger adds warmth to each mouthful and is carefully balanced against the sweet potato base. Suitable for Vegan/Vegetarian diets.

Roast Pepper and Tomato

Made with oven-roasted red peppers and ripe Italian tomatoes this medium-bodied, pureed soup has rich, smoky flavours and a vibrant appearance.

Ready Meals

Ready Meals

Gourmania’s ready meals are visually enticing, nutritionally balanced and tasty. Available in individual and family sizes, many of our meals are also dietary specific (e.g. gluten-free, low-fat, low-sodium, high-protein). Gourmania also produces Halal and Indigenous meals.

Typically frozen, our ready meals transport, hold and reheat well. Convenient and cost-effective with great application across sectors, including health & aged care, retail, airline, remote work sites and for home delivery.



Gourmania has a dedicated dessert kitchen. Our chefs produce a range of sweet treats that look good and taste great. Our dessert focus is on visual appeal, a quality eating experience and customer convenience.

Gourmania’s dessert range covers classic recipes, such as Tiramisu and Apple Crumble, through to more contemporary options of Red Velvet Cake, Mango Cheesecake, Chocolate Mud Cake and more.

Desserts are typically produced as individual portions (80-130gm, top-seal clear containers), but certain recipes can be produced in bulk. Designed for chilled or frozen applications with good shelf life, our desserts are ideal for retail, health/aged care, airlines and quick service outlets.

Meal Components
& Value Added Products

Gourmania produces an extensive range of meal components
and value-added products that are:

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Consistent and on Spec
  • Convenient – Saving you time and labour cost
  • Cooked Starches & Grains

  • Mashes & Puree

  • Sous-vide & Roasted Meats

  • Cooked Vegetables

  • Pasta Dishes

  • Vegetarian Dishes

  • Protein-Based Dishes

  • Egg & Dairy Products

  • Desserts

Need something unique? We contract manufacture.

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