Our Capability

Gourmania is solutions oriented. We employ leading-edge technology, equipment, techniques and processes to create consistent, cost effective and value-added food products for our customers.

Our experienced and talented team of Chefs and kitchen staff work closely with our inhouse Dietitian, Quality Assurance, Logistics and Food Development professionals.

Industries & Geographic Reach

Our capabilities:

  • A purpose-built food manufacturing and storage facility located in Bayswater, Western Australia
  • Multiple, temperature-controlled kitchen environments
  • Offering fresh, chilled, frozen, and extended shelf-life products
  • Production volume flexibility – from small batches to large volume output
  • Advanced packaging systems (e.g. top seal containers, hot-fill bagging, stand-up pouches)
  • Cold, freezer and ambient temperature storage space and logistics services
  • A network of connections with other food consolidators and distributors across Australia, Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Gourmania operates a fully accredited HACCP facility. We follow stringent QA, hygiene and compliance procedures.

Our facility is periodically audited by regulatory bodies, independent authorities and some customers. We can develop customer-specific QA protocols to address additional requirements of a country/regulatory body (e.g. metal detection of finished products).

To ensure our Food Safety performance goes beyond that of regulatory standards, Gourmania conducts a significant amount inhouse and laboratory testing of our food products and environment. Our external product testing is conducted by third party, NATA-accredited laboratories.

Environmental Footprint

Environmental Footprint

Running a responsible and sustainable business is something we take seriously at Gourmania.

A few steps we’re taking:

  1. Reducing our footprint – Gourmania has a ‘Buy’ local policy. We work closely with many WA/ Australian suppliers of raw materials, products and services to help reduce our carbon footprint.
  2. Sustainability – Our solar power system currently generates around 20% of our total energy needs. Our facility has energy efficient and sensor lighting.
  3. Reducing water usage – The installation of water flow meters helps conserve the amount of water used within our facility. Around our facility, we have planted a low-water consumption, native Australian garden.
  4. Recycling – Gourmania is adopting practices to help us meet the 2025 National Environment Protection Council of Australia targets around packaging recyclability.
  5. Waste management – Gourmania separates its waste for recycling and to help reduce landfill.

Our Commitment
Adding Value – Exceeding Expectations

What We Stand For Customer Benefits
Quality ingredients, preferably sourced from within AustraliaPremium food products that deliver a great taste profile.
Committed to food safety, standards and quality controlMeeting industry standards and compliance requirements. Reliability.
Producing tasty and nutritious food productsBetter outcomes around food quality, convenience, innovation and health.
Customer focused and solutions orientated Tailored products, flexibility and